Golden Hemp Naturals CBD Tattoo After Cream


This CBD rich tattoo cream can help your skin heal faster after tattooing.


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And if you have ever had the sad experience of watching a quality tattoo succumb to sun, salt water and other skin drying elements, you know how important it is to keep your skin soft and supple for the duration. There is an abundance of skin nurturing oils right from nature in this cream along with the super therapeutic powers of CBD Oil and Aloe. Give your tattoo the chance at longevity it deserves.

Directions: Apply to fresh tattoo as per your artist’s
instructions. Use on older tattoos to moisturize and bring out color. After tattoo has healed, can be applied as needed for general use-after shower, before sleep, and before and after exposing skin to elements.


Customer Reviews

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Love the products

I use the cream daily and have noticed my skin is softer. I like it.

I can't believe the difference

Small jar but has lasted and seeing improvements. I will add this to my routine.

Skeptical at first!

After using this for a few months, the results are incredible.
Only need a small amount for great results. I love what cbd does for my skin.

Noticed a Difference in 10 Days

AWESOME. I have been using at night for 10 days and have noticed a difference in my "age spots" on my face. Not like they are bad to begin with, but fading already. Smells nice, feels good.