Hookahzz EVOD Starter Kit 650 mah


Hemp Hookahzz is a favorite producer of ours because of the types of hemp and extraction processes they use. This is in addition to product price-points that are well within reach of the average person.

Once again, we’re happy introduce to our customers another awesome product by Hemp Hookahzz: The Hookahzz EVOD Starter Kit 650. For those just getting started into the wonderful world of CBD products or those wanting to go mobile with their CBD needs, this one’s a real hit!

The Hookahzz EVOD Starter Kit 650 is a great, travel CBD e-cig. It comes equipped with a 700-puff cartridge capacity and a USB mini-charger. The unit is thus charged via USB and is powered by a 650mAh battery that can be recharged up to 300 times and still run optimally.

Another great perk to this particular starter e-cig is its five-click ignition safety. So as to protect against accidental bumps and startups, the ignition button must first be clicked five times in order to be ready for the real fire-up. This not only safe-guards the unit from being activated unintentionally but also opens up all sorts of storage and portability options not suitable for many other CBD e-cigs.

Ecig Only Need to purchase vape separately .

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Does not come with oil
650mah battery
Rechargeable up to 300 times
700 Puff Cartridge Capacity
USB Charger
5 Click Power Button Protection

Easy to Operate Instructions

1 Locate and unscrew the mouthpiece from the unit.

2 Allow liquid to run down the inside walls of the tank until filled to center post.

3 Snugly attach the end-cap while not over-tightening.

4 Allow five minutes for thorough wick saturation.

5 Attach the battery, and click the ignition button five times. You are now ready for vaping on the go!

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Came in on time. Works

Came in on time. Works great.