Hookahzz EVOD Starter Kit 900mah


Hemp Hookahzz Evod e-cigs are among the highest quality electronic cigarettes for sale. Our Evod is made of high-end construction, yet is incredibly simple to use—even for beginning vapers.900mah battery
Rechargeable up to 300 times
800 Puff Cartridge Capacity
High Pressure Atomizer
USB Charger
5 Click Power Button Protection

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  • Unscrew the tank from the bottom where it connects to the battery.
  • While avoiding the center post, allow liquid to flow down the interior walls of the tank until filled to the center of the post
  • Attach bottom cap, but do not over-tighten or leakage may occur
  • Allow 5 minutes for the wick to saturate then connect to the battery
  • The battery is fully charged upon purchase. Press the power button 5 times to unlock the battery, inhale and enjoy your vaping experience!

How to charge the battery:

Attach the battery to the USP charger, plug charger in when the battery is fully charged the indicator will change from red to green.