Thinking about giving your cat CBD Oil?

So am I. CBD for Pets?
It does seem to be a subject that requires thought because although we might jump right in
experimenting with our own health, we want to be careful with our pets.
We are their caretakers and do not want to make a mistake in caring for
them. I have noticed many holistic veterinarians see CBD oil as
beneficial to cats. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system and cats
are mammals. It stands to reason that the benefits humans reap from CBD
will also be the same for animals, but introducing something to your cat
may not be all that easy. Aside from that, will it do anything for your
cat? That depends on the problem. If you are hoping to restore a sense
of systemic balance to a nervous cat or help a cranky cat relax a
little, you are probably heading in the right direction. If you’re
looking to get your cat to clean its’ own litter box, that’s just not
going to happen. You have to have realistic expectations, and understand
it could take time to see a difference. That being said, you can
probably expect the same kind of results that you would see in a human.
Some relief from anxiety, improved ability to deal with stress, help
with inflammation, maybe even relief from some types of pain. I like to
think that CBD’s ability to drastically improve some types of seizures
in people would also apply to animal seizures. I have not seen any
information on studies with CBD for animal seizures, but I intend to
look for them. Is CBD oil safe for cats? You probably have heard that
cannabis is not safe for cats. You have heard correctly. For one thing,
cannabis contains THC, a big no no for animals, for another, cats have
trouble ridding their body of cannabis. But Some CBD comes from Hemp,
not cannabis. Specail CBD oil formulated for pets has only CBD in it,
the trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids are filtered out to make
it safe for pets. And clever manufacturers of CBD for animals also add a
flavor that pets will like. Let’s go back to the first two problems I
mentioned. Animals suffer from anxiety and stress the same as humans do.
Sometimes an anxious pet can be annoying, but sometimes it is downright
heartbreaking to see an animal so nervous that it cowers even from the
person who loves it most. Sometimes a cat is o.k. with people, but
freaks around other cats. Or a cat can be ultra territorial and get
upset out of all proportion when another cat tries to play with it’s
favorite toy or enter an area the cat deems personal property. Can CBD
oil help with these things in cats? Make a cranky cat more sociable, a
scaredy cat less nervous, or a bully not so bullyish? Since I happen to
have cats with exactly these behavioral problems, I intend to find out.
I am going to experiment on my cats and tell you all about it. Hopefuly
this will help you decide to start or continue your cat on CBD oil.
First of all, I am not just doing this on a whim. My cats have real
problems that I think CBD can fix. Judging from what it has done for me,
I am willing to bet I get some positive results. As a matter of fact,
today I did kind of pre-experiment, experiment. I wanted to see if one
of my cats who has never turned her nose up at anything ever! would lick
the CBD oil off a paper plate without my having disguised it in any way.
I used the Nutra Life CBD oil for cats that has catnip oil in it. I
brought it to her and just put the plate down in front of her to see
what she would do. Of course I was hoping she would smell the catnip and
feast on the oil. She sniffed it a couple times and just when I was sure
she was going to lick it all up, she rubbed her face in it! So much for
that. I’m not sure whether that was successful or not. Moving on, I
gave my three problem kitties a few drops in a tiny bit of wet food.
There is a lot on the line for my baby cat since she has severe problems
that are affecting her health. More about that and the other cats later.
I have been trying to give her a homeopathic chicken flavored remedy in
her food for a month now and she just won’t eat the food. She smells it
and either eats around it or walks away. I wasn’t sure how this would
go. She took a few tentative licks of her food and then she ate it! All
of it! Woo Hoo! On the other hand, my smart guy mostly Main Coon refused
to eat it, even in two different foods. Hmmmm. He’s going to be a
problem. My third cat, the grouchy one, also ate her food without
complaint. Now that I know who will and won’t take the CBD oil, I have
to give it a few days to see if they continue to cooperate or not and
see there are any significant results. Next time I’ll tell you what I am
dealing with for each cat in detail. In the mean time, wish me luck.